Feather River

The Feather River flows out of Lake Oroville in Northern California and it’s one of the most unique steelhead streams anywhere. Why you ask? It’s not so much the river itself but rather the sheer numbers of steelhead that travel up the Feather River. The Feather boasts three separate steelhead runs during the year – Spring, Summer and Fall. The Spring run fish will push 25 inches and once hooked, will put on one heck of an aerial display. The Summer fish, while smaller in size, are no less acrobatic that their Spring run brethren. And that brings us to the Fall run fish on the Feather River. Steelhead to 28 inches will hang behind the spawning salmon where they’ll gorge themselves on eggs and bugs until it’s time to return to the Pacific. Early Fall will also present the opportunity to swing up a huge King salmon that’s sure to test the strength of your rod.

Feather River Steelhead Feather River Steelhead Feather River Steelhead

For current conditions and reports for the Feather River, please feel free to call me at 916-220-6070 or check out these sites: www.americanflyfishing.com and/or www.cdec.water.ca.gov.

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